About Us

Legacy Landscapes is a central Texas owned and operated company in existence for over 10 years. We are owned by David and Betsy Karnes, a couple passionate about all things outdoors and landscaping. They have two small children, Jack and Kate, who you may see pop up on the job site from time to time. Our values are simple and straightforward: We strive to treat our customers and employees with respect, quality and dignity. We thrive in using our creativity and skills to enhance the beauty of the outdoors. Our passion isn’t just in improving things on the outside but also using our abilities to impact our community and world in a holistic way. As such, we are constantly participating in community involvement and also contribute to various mission agencies worldwide. We want our work not just to be something good for today and gone tomorrow, but something that leaves a positive impact on our customers, employees, the environment, and ultimately, the world. We thank you in trusting us with your landscaping needs!