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Irrigation System in Waco, TX & The Surrounding Areas

A professionally installed sprinkler system does more than just save you the hassle of watering your yard or garden manually. It can also save you money on your water bills and add value to your home or business. At Legacy Landscapes in Waco, TX, we specialize in irrigation systems.

  • We install sprinkler systems according to the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) standards and comply with all the laws and regulations required by the state of Texas. 
  • We take water use in Texas SERIOUSLY.
  • Focused attention to detail and planning! We plan and measure each head before we even start digging.
  • We use the best of materials from various manufacturers. If it’s the best, we use it. Nothing sub-par gets installed on your property. Better materials = better system.
  • On-site owner supervision -> No dealing with a middle-man.
  • We design using complete head-to-head coverage.  This means we use more heads to ensure a uniform distribution of water.  NO DRY SPOTS!
  • HYDROZONES-> We zone our sprinklers in groupings of plant materials with similar water requirements and exposures.  Most efficient water use possible.
  • We install our pipe deep: Our PVC pipe is installed at least 10-12” below grade (most companies install at a depth of 6-8”)

All this means is you are getting the best system for your dollar.  No problems with pipes or valves breaking due to an inferior product or quick go-and-blow installation. Most importantly, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the water you are using is being used as efficiently as possible.

Options Galore

Whether you're looking for a basic irrigation system or a more complex network of sprinklers, Legacy Landscapes has an option for you. We offer a wide array of sprinkler systems, including:

  • Automatic systems
  • Commercial sprinkler systems
  • Residential sprinkler systems
  • Drip sprinkler systems

So whether you need an irrigation system for your small home garden or a large golf course, we have the training and expertise to install a solution that works for you. For more information or to set up an estimate, call us today.